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Our Staff

Teaching Staff
Head Teacher – Mrs Cathy Hunt
Reception Teacher – Miss Rakhee Rudki 
Year 1 Teacher – Mrs Gurjeet Bhatti
Year 2 Teacher – Mrs Catherine Mardell

School Secretary

Mrs Genevieve Hamilton

Finance officer

Ms Chazzy Remnant 

Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Mel Bird

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lisa Parrett
Mrs Shabana Tawni
Mrs Janella Walker

Midday Supervisors

Mrs L Parrett

Mrs Tina Stevens
Mrs Shabana Tawni
Mrs Janella Walker (senior)

Mr Gavin Bates

All members of staff have DBS checks, Child Protection Training, First Aid Training, Epipen Training, Ashma Inhaler Training.  Six members of staff have Paediatric First Aid Training and one member of staff has training in Managing Medicines.

The school welcomes volunteers to help at the school, subject to DBS checks.