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About Friends of Fulmer

Who are we?

The Fulmer Infant School PA (Parent Association) is a fantastic group of parents who work together, voluntarily, to coordinate memorable events and fundraising initiatives for the good of the school and most of all the children.

Something that often draws parents to Fulmer school is its small size, which the children benefit from greatly every day. This also means that there are fewer parents to help fundraise for resources, so every help is gratefully received.  No matter how big or small the contribution: whether you want to join the organising team or just help out for a few hours on the day of an event or just simply bake some cakes or offer any skills you have, it will all be much valued.  

Fulmer is also an ‘outstanding school’ but the school doesn’t receive enough government funding to achieve everything it wants for the pupils so the PA funds are vital to enhancing their learning experience.

What are the funds used for?

This year’s main aim has been to equip the school with new laptops, of which we have managed to purchase eighteen so far. There are other learning extras which the children have enjoyed, such as watching spring chicks hatch from eggs and caterpillars develop into butterfliesThese are truly unique learning experiences.

The next big dream is to extend the Year 2 class room, as well as replace all the pupils’ school chairs.

How do we fundraise?

The PA likes to make the events that they organise enjoyable for the children, as well as raising the much needed funds. For example putting together Mother’s day presents which the children could choose their gift themselves as well as designing the gift wrapping,reinforcing independence and creativity, and of course it was wonderful for them to surprise their Mums at home.

Past events have also included:


• Children’s Movie Night with popcorn
• ‘Pumpkin Fun’ Halloween event
• Christmas Night with Santa’s grotto and games
• Sponsored Superhero Walk around Black Park
• School summer fete held at Fulmer Day (the village event) in July
• Ladies’ night which was very successful – a great event for mums and grandmas to come and enjoy a child free night.


How can you get involved?

It really is wonderful to come and help out in the school if you’re able to… your children are proud to see you there, as well as the general excitement from all the kids doing something that you’ve helped organise. Whether it’s just sourcing a raffle prize, attending event… or thinking up the next fundraiser we really look forward to you being a part of Fulmer School Parent Association.

If you do have any time then come to any of the PAmeetings, which are held through the term or send us an email to pafulmerinfant@yahoo.com

You can also raise money for the school every time you do online shopping, many big companies will donate a percentage back to us. There is an app you can download www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/fulmerinfant

You can also take advantage of a second hand school uniform shop, please email us if you are after anythinglike jumpers, cardigans, PE kits etc. at bargain prices.

Many companies will help charities through a matched giving scheme where they match pound for pound funds raised for registered charities by its employees.

Being involved is a rewarding role but it’s also a lovely community of parents where one can make new friends and learn new skills whilst making their kids really proud.