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Admissions Policy Fulmer Infant School

There is one intake for children into Reception Class, in the Autumn term. Parents should apply for a place at the school through Buckinghamshire County Council’s (BCC) Admission Procedure, in the Autumn term prior to the academic year that their child turns five years old. If the school receives more applications than it has places available BCC use admission rules to decide, in a fair and consistent way, which children they should offer places to. These are as follows:


  • children in care
  • children living in the catchment area of the school
  • siblings – children who have siblings at the school at the date of joining
  • children who have exceptional medical educational or social needs, which can only be met at the school
  • any further places will be offered on distance order, using the distance between the family’s normal home address and the school’s nearest entrance gate. The shortest appropriate route is used.


We invite all new children to spend a morning with us in the Summer Term before they start at the school