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SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural)

Parents, children, teachers and visitors lead assemblies to celebrate the different faiths and cultures in the school and the Year 2 ECO team leaders lead assemblies on how to look after our environment. We have been awarded the ECO school status since 2007. The school also celebrates a range of cultural events for example, Black History Month, Save Energy week, Jeans for Genes day, Anti Bullying week.  We also have a link school and orphanage in Pakistan. Al Jannat, and the children and stakeholders have raised money for example books and uniform for the children. Please visit the policies’ page to read the school’s statement of British values.


Children and stakeholders' empathetic skills are developed as they learn about the limitations of disadvantaged people, children and stakeholders have a knowledge and understanding and develop a respect for other people's cultures and respect, children and stakeholders understand how to look after our environment.