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Pupil Premium Children


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Pupil Premium Statement 

 2020 -2021 (£1,320)

Salary of SENDCoTA who supports premium children is £12.10 per hour. Premium chidlren receive 30 minutes support each day which equals 95 hours per year= £1,149.50. School pays for the  after school gymnastic lessons = £252 per year. Total: £1,401.50. 

The main barrier to educatonal achievement faced by eligible children at school appears to be lack of confidence, the children are taught to believe in themselves which in turn motivates them to learn.

Children benefit from one to one support five times per week for 30 minutes 1 to 1 or small group. Appropriate resources will be purchased to support the  children throughout the year. Children have support plans with achievable targets which are reviewed once per term or more often if necessary expecially during COVID-19. Children were assessed in the Autumn term and were not at age related expectations. With the personalised 'catch up' programme it was expected that there would be accelerated progress and the children would achieve at least age related expected attainment. Pupil premium children were age related expectations before lockdowns. Regular contact by phone was made to the children and families reported that their well being was good.  

Review Autumn 2021: One of the two pupil premium chidlren left in the Summer 2020 at age related expectations. The one remaining pupil premium child was offered a place in school during lockdowns but parents refused the offer, there is asthma in the family. Family was offered a laptop but family said that they were coping with technology. Regular phone calls were made to ensure the well being of the child and child was regulary seen on live booster group sessions on ZOOM. There was little work produced from the child despite offers from the school to support the family. Food vouchers were arranged for the family. The child is now back in school and is on the catch up programme with daily support from the SENDCo TA. It is hoped that the child will be age related expectations by the Summer when further formal asssessments will be completed. The child has happily settled back into the schoo routine. 

The above strategy is working so there are no current plans for change.

Next review: Autumn 2022


 2019 -2020

Expected allocation to be £1,950. Until lockdown the premium children benefitted from one-to-one discrete support from School's SEND TA whose salary is £4,400.57. All these children have personalised support plans which are reviewed with the SENDCo and class teacher every term or more frequently if necessary. Premium money is also used for appropriate resources and teaching for the benefit of these pupils and to support trips and workshops for these children. During lockdown these children did not attend school but work was printed out for them and delivered to their home, the family was offered a laptop but did not want one.

Review: Before lockdown the children were achieving age related expectations in Maths and reading. The children will be assessed in September and will receive further support from the SENDCo TA.