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Special Educational Needs and Disability

SEND report: please click on the link below:

Special Educational Needs Information and Report

The SENDCo (Special Education Needs and Disability Coordinator) is the Headteacher Cathy Hunt

Children who are working significantly behind their peers (Special Educational Needs and Disability), have individual targets and strategies to achieve these targets and these are reviewed with parents and their children every term, or earlier if necessary. These children receive extra support to achieve their personalised targets. The school accesses a range of external services to support children with SEND to ensure that these children fulfil their potential, these services include, for example, Educational Psychologist, OT (Occupational Therapy), SALT (Speech and Language Therapy), PRU (Pupil Referral Unit), CAMHS (Children and Mental Health Service).

We work closely with the children’s feeder schools and Junior schools and the external agencies to ensure that there is continuity of support.

Impact: all children with SEND are making expected progress

Children who are working significantly beyond their peers (Gifted and Talented), have Exceptional Education Plans drawn up for them, so that they are challenged accordingly. These plans with individual targets and strategies to achieve the targets are reviewed termly with parents and children and the curriculum is adapted accordingly. When children join the school we encourage parents to inform us of any outstanding talents. When the children leave the school we inform the children’s Junior schools to ensure continuity of challenge.

Impact: there are currently no children on roll who are Gifted and Talented. In recent years these children have excelled