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Catch Up Programme September 2020

We should receive £5,920 (£80 x 74 students) catch up funding from the Government. To date we have received £1,480. We will receive a further £1,480 in the Spring term and the remaining £2,960 in the next financial year.

The money will be used towards funding an additional day for one of our teachers, Mrs Mackinder, who will teach the catch up children in small groups and one to one. All these children have individual support plans with personal targets and strategies which are shared with the pupil and the parents. These children are formally assessed twice a term and new targets are reflected in their revised support plans.  

The cost per month of this additional day is £842 (this will increase slightly due to Teachers' Pay Award). The cost of this additional teaching for 12 months is £10,104.

The funding from the Government only covers 7 months of the Catch Up funding ie from September to March which totals £8,894.

During lockdown Mrs MacKinder is teaching the children in small groups on ZOOM and reports that the children are engaging. The policy is 2 'no shows' and she contacts the families by phone. Assessments will be made for these children when they return.