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Equality Objective

Equalities and Communities Action Plan September 2022(see related Equalities Policy under 'Policies') 

The school has identified the following strategies that are specifically designed to address equality issues:








Develop an understanding and respect for the main religions and any other religion celebrated in the school community so that our children are better prepared to live in a diverse and increasingly interdependent society

·  Half termly assemblies led by faith members with religious artefacts then displayed in the library


All staff

2022 – 2023

Academic year

School and local community respect each other’s faiths


Develop awareness and appreciation of children living in a different and more deprived culture

·  Links with a school and orphanage in Pakistan, al Jannat

·  School Council raise money for the school

·  Trustee of the school visits Fulmer Infant school once a year to thank the children and to describe the lives of the children in Pakistan

·  Every two years children in Year 2 participate in a live radio programme Radio Christmas with other participating schools to raise money for Street Children in Honduras

All staff

2022– 2023

Academic year

School and local community have an enhanced awareness and respect for other deprived cultures and communities


Develop the well being and mental health of the children and all staff 

·   Gill Davey a former member of the PRU , a bereavement counsellor and governor volunteers every Thursday to support children with behaviour and mental health issues

  • Julie Matton, Headteacher and Mental Health Lead supports staff and children as and when and encourages teachers to use the free support service for schools which is advertised in the staff room, Employee Assistance Number 08008824102
  • MIND leads assemblies and workshops for staff, children and parents every term


2022 -2023

Improved mental health and well being of children and staff at the school 


Develop the SMSC curriculum taking into account British Values

·    Ensure that all subject areas reflect cultural diversity and respect for others.

·    Use the new PSHE and Relationships Education framework with the Jigsaw scheme of work as models for best practice in developing an inclusive curriculum.

·    Use multi cultural resources to ensure pupils enhance their understanding of different religions and cultures.

·   Make use of positive role models in the classroom to develop the self esteem of vulnerable groups and the respect of all for diversity within the community.

All staff

2022- 2023 Academic year

A curriculum that enhances the teaching of Equalities and Community Cohesion in school taking into account British Values


Ensure respect for all ages 

Recognising that some age groups are not reflected in the school community 

  • Since Covid-19 re explore Year 2 writing letters to a local care home 
  • The school welcomes volunteers, subject to DBS checks, who are of retirement age

All staff

2022 -2023

Academic year

An ethos that does not treat someone less favourably for reasons relating to their age.


Equalising opportunities

Recognising that some of the groups covered in this policy are likely to be economically disadvantaged


·  Ensure school uniform is affordable and encourage the purchase of pre-loved uniform

·  Avoid putting parents under unnecessary financial pressure

·   Promote the take-up of extra-curricular opportunities with the use of premium money for premium children and Go for It money for those not eligible for premium money

·         Ensure that the school charging policy is appropriate

·         Monitor take-up of extra-curricular opportunities.



All children have equal access to all extra-curricular activities.


Addressing the full range of learning needs

Recognising that some of the groups covered in this policy are more likely to under-achieve

·  Ensure curriculum is relevant

Individual support plans in place when necessary for SEND and Premium children

·    Ensure appropriate teaching styles and classroom organisation

·     Planning is based on earlier learning

Every Friday revisit a topic taught that week

·  Track pupil progress and identify under-performing and put in place extra support

All staff

On going

Gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged are closed and gap between the boys and girls writing achievements begins to close


Making the school accessible to all

Recognising that some children and adults have disabilities


·   Disabled toilet

·   All areas of school and hall accessible via ramps


On going

School is accessible to those with physical disabilities


Ensuring fair and equal treatment of staff and others

Recognising that the school needs to ensure that policies and practice do not discriminate, directly or indirectly, against adults as well as pupils in the school, taking into consideration all the protected characteristics as defined under the Equality Act 2010, and that positive role models and a wider perspective will strengthen the school

·  Ensure non-discriminatory recruitment and employment practices

·  Promote dignity at work

·   Encourage the development of all staff


On going

Sound sense of well being in school









Monitoring and evaluating the policy

Recognising that the strength of this policy depends upon ensuring that everyone is actively implementing it so that gaps and the need for further development will arise from effective evaluation


·         All staff and governors involved

·         Monitor and review practice

HT & Govs

Review September 2023

All policies give due regard to the promotion of all aspects of equality.