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Equality Objective

To ensure all children, staff, parents and carers can succeed in our school community, free from discrimination, celebrating difference and valuing diversity. 




Staff member




Success criteria


Ensure children with SEND are able to access a full range of curriculum and after school activities.

Review curriculum teaching to ensure adaptions are made as appropriate.

Using the ‘access for all’ approach.


And LSAs

Summer 2025

All curriculum teaching has adaptions made as appropriate.

Review after school club provision to facilitate children with SEND.


Summer 2025

Children with SEND have access to all after school clubs.

Review special events to ensure they are accessible for children with SEND.

Make adjustments as required to enable access.

Headteacher / Teachers


All regular school events are accessible for all.

New events consider what adjustments are necessary at the point of planning.

Review the whole school learning environment to ensure it engaging and also provides a calm environment, clear of distractions and enables focussed work. (Linked to SDP objective 3.)

Designate quiet areas in the school.

Headteacher / Teachers



The school is environment is calm.

Children know where and how to access resources.

There are designated quiet areas in the school.

Ensure equality is an evident characteristic of the school.

Ensure assembly and visitor schedule to ensure children are aware of different ethnic groups from around the world.

Headteacher / Teachers

Summer 2025

The assembly and visitor schedule covers a variety of ethnic groups and celebrations.

Develop the PSHE and Relationships curriculum areas in line with government guidance.


Spring 2025

The PSHE and Relationships curriculum is in line with government guidance.

All children receive direct teaching and opportunities to explore equality throughout their time at Fulmer Infant School.

Review school policies to ensure all aspects of equality are considered / promoted within each policy. 

Headteacher / Governors

Summer 2025

All policies promote all aspects of equality.

Ensure the school recruitment processes for staff and governors reflect the school’s commitment to equality.  

Headteacher / Governors

Summer 2024

All adverts explicitly state the school’s commitment to equality.

School staff and governors are representative of the school community.