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Our Staff

Teaching Staff

Headteacher – Mrs Julie Matton

Reception Teacher – Mrs Sarah Bailey
Reception Teacher – Miss Rakhee Rudki
Year 1 Teacher – Mrs Gurjeet Bhatti
Year 2 Teacher – Mrs Clare Wragg
Year 2 Teacher - Mrs Hannah Mackinder

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Headteacher - Mrs Julie Matton

Additional Safeguarding Lead

Year 1 Teacher - Mrs Gurjeet Bhatti


Headteacher - Mrs Julie Matton 

Mental Health Lead

Headteacher - Mrs Julie Matton

Pupil Premium Coordinator

Headteacher - Mrs Julie Matton

School Secretary

Mrs Genevieve Hamilton

Finance Officer

Mrs Sarah Howells

Sports' Coach

Mrs Lisa Parrett
Mrs Hannah MacKinder

Early Years Practitioner

To be appointed

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Atia Moghul
Mrs Lisa Parrett
Mrs Shabana Tawni

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Nasima Akhtar
Mrs Lisa Parrett
Mrs Shabana Tawni

Caretaker and Groundsperson
Mr Lloyd Clay

Members of staff have DBS checks, Child Protection Training, First Aid Training, Epipen Training, Asthma Inhaler Training.  Three members of staff have Paediatric First Aid Training and one member of staff has training in Managing Medicines. 

No time has been taken off by staff to carry out union duties.

The school welcomes volunteers to help at the school, subject to DBS checks.