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News Bulletin

ECO Team


Dhriti, Rex and Alastair, members of the ECO team, led an assembly on how to save water.

Barakah and Sartaj, members of the Eco Team, led an assembly about looking after our environment. They used the interactive whiteboard to read the book ‘Caring for Nature’ which lists ways we can help the environment.


Green Fingers in Year 1

Year 1 enjoyed planting and watering their broad beans! The tallest plant is 40cm!


Lunchtime Games

Lunchtime Games

Our sports coach, with support from our SEND TA, is organising these very popular lunchtime games to help the children keep healthy and fit.


World Book Day – Design a Book Cover Competition

World Book Day Competition Winners

A big thank you to all families who supported our World Book Day – ‘Design a Book Cover’ competition. We had loads of excellent entries from the children and have chosen two winners per class. We hope everyone enjoyed spending their £1 World Book Day voucher and remember, if you haven’t used it yet, they are only valid until the 28th March 2021. Don’t miss out!


World Culture Day

Reception have been learning about the world and how to take care of the environment. To enrich our learning, we dressed up on our World Culture Day to celebrate our multicultural society. The children enjoyed listening to music from different parts of the world and learning different styles of dances like salsa, bhangra and flamenco dancing.


The School Council

The School Council led a school assembly discussing what we can all do to stop litter in the playground. It was agreed to buy litter pickers for the Eco Team and another outside bin.


Eco -Schools Green Flag Award

We are thrilled to have had our Green Flag award renewed yet again confirming that we are an Eco school and teach the children how to look after our environment.



Anti-Bullying Week

The children made anti bullying posters during Anti-Bullying week and were reminded to tell an adult if they have problems at school.




This week children have been learning about Diwali. It is the Festival of Light that Hindus and Sikhs will be celebrating on Saturday 14th November. We learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and good overcoming evil. The children coloured in rangoli patterns, created diva lamps and role played the story.  Happy Diwali to those celebrating.


British Legion Poppy Appeal

Sadly this year, due to Covid, we will not be able to sell sell poppies or remembrance gifts as usual on behalf of the British Legion.  However, we would like to still fund raise for this charity so all classes will be making craft poppies in school over the next few days. Your child’s poppy will be available for you to purchase for a £2 donation which can come into school next week on Remembrance Day  (Wednesday 11th November).  Mrs Mardell and Miss Rudki will be hosting special assemblies for the children on this day which will incorporate a minute of reflective silence.


Fulmer Home Grown Pumpkins

Last term Mrs Howells kindly donated a few little pumpkin plants that she had grown from seeds.  The Year 2 pupils at the time planted these in our raised planting beds and watched them grow into enormously long pumpkin vines.  In the Summer holidays three little pumpkins grew and in recent weeks we have watched them get bigger and bigger!

This week the pumpkins were harvested and we gave one to each class.  All the children had an opportunity to design a face for the pumpkin and the winners from each class had their design carved into the pumpkin.  There were some amazing designs and it was very difficult to choose the winners but congratulations go to:- Seher, Bertie and Jude.


Year 2 Scarecrows

Year 2 have been reading 'The Scarecrows Wedding' by Julia Donaldson and enjoyed dressing up as scarecrows for the day!


Growing Garden Fruit and Vegetables


Earlier in the Spring, pupils from Year 2 enjoyed tending the planting beds and growing plants from seeds. We currently have potatoes, beans, and strawberries ready for harvesting and carrots, pumpkins, lettuces, and sunflowers coming soon! We had lots of fun this week digging up the potatoes!


A message to you all


Wellbeing Wednesday

This week we have been focusing on talking to the children about their feelings and well being. We have launched 'Wellbeing Wednesday' to get the children to identify and deal with their feelings.

eSafety Poster Competition Winners




The ECO Team


Two member of the Eco team led an assembly on the importance of keeping our environment free from litter.