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News Bulletin

Summer Fair

What a wonderful afternoon we all shared last Saturday when we gathered together for our summer fair. The fair was SO well organised and ran like clockwork! There were fun activities for the children, delicious food and drinks and a great time was had by all. 


Father's Day

This morning we have enjoyed another special assembly with all three classes performing together to wish all our Dads a very special Father’s Day on Sunday!


Sports Day

The school enjoyed a marvellous afternoon of sporting races as we all descended onto King George’s Field for our annual Sports Day event. The children were beautifully behaved and tried so hard to excel in the wide variety of races on offer and we were delighted to see so many parents and toddlers participate in races too.


Reception Class Assembly

We were all treated to a delightful class assembly when our youngest children told us all about their first year at school and about the wonderful learning they have been doing.


Year 1 Trip to Windsor Castle

Year 1 had a wonderful day exploring Windsor Castle and learning about it's history. 


Coronation Party!

We had an amazing day celebrating the King’s Coronation.  All the children made beautiful crowns and everyone was invited to wear clothes in our national colours of red, white and blue.


Year 1 Assembly

Year 1 pupils presented a lovely assembly to their parents all about the work they have enjoyed in their time so far in Year 1. They delighted us with excellently read poems, beautiful singing and marvellous displays of their work. Well done Year 1!


Living Eggs Arrive!


On Monday this week there was great excitement when a delivery of 10 eggs arrived in school to be carefully incubated in our school library area. The children are so excited to see them hatch and to have real chicks in school! This is such good learning for the children.


Mother's Day Concert

What a lovely concert! We all enjoyed this morning celebrating the forthcoming Mother’s Day with a collection of wonderful songs, poems and some marvellous singing. 


Year 2 Visit RAF Hendon

Year 2 experienced a really enjoyable day visiting the hangars full of planes at RAF Hendon.  The air museum is amazing and the gasps of awe and wonder from the children were so rewarding to see. The children have been learning about Orville and Wilbur Wright and the ability to fly in the sky.  They had opportunities to see many different types of planes and helicopters including a ‘Spitfire’ and the Royal Flight helicopter that the Royal family travel in. 



World Book Day 2023

What a wonderful day we had celebrating World Book Day 2023! The children looked amazing in their book character costumes.


Matchbox Challenge

Over the half term holiday the school held the Matchbox Challenge!  All children were given a plain white empty matchbox and were given two specific tasks.  Firstly, they were invited to decorate their box in anyway they chose and, secondly, to see how much money they could squeeze inside it. All money raised by filling the boxes was sent  to the ‘Disaster Emergency Committee’ (DEC) who have launched a specific appeal to support the people in Southern Turkey and Syria following the devastating earthquakes last month.  The decorated boxes are so creative and very pretty, but inside them – well WOW!  So much money crammed inside!  Collectively, as a school community, we have raised £839.61!  


esafety Poster Competition Winners!


Eco Assembly

Members of the ECO team in Year 2, led an assembly teaching the children how and why we should recycle. The children were fascinated to learn that used tins can be melted down to make new metal objects such as bikes and scooters. Our Eco team have been doing a lot of research which was presented beautifully!


Jewish festival of Hannukah

A parent led an assembly teaching the children about the Jewish festival of Hannukah and showing them how to light the menorah.


Drumming Workshop

What a marvellous day we had on Monday 21st November learning how to play African drums!  Every child had a drum to play and the coach, Ed from Echo Fox Company, was hugely impressed with the musicality and behaviour of the children.


Year 2 Assembly

This week we have all enjoyed another wonderful assembly, this time it was taken by the whole of Year 2. The children told everyone about the learning they have been doing this term across the whole curriculum, which was really impressive!  Here we can see their beautiful Fire of London paintings.


Children in Need Sale!

Year 2 organised a sale of toys and books for Children in Need and raised nearly £200!



Armistice Day Remembrance


At Armistice Day we all had a two minute silence in assembly.


Reception Children Enjoy Fruit Tasting!

Children in Reception class enjoyed tasting new flavours as they tasted new fruits.


Cooking in Year 1

As part of our food technology studies in the National Curriculum, children in Years 1 & 2 learn how to make some delicious foods that help them to grow, maintain energy and stay healthy.  This week children in Year 1 have been cooking Oaty Flapjacks, which they loved making and really enjoyed eating!  Enjoy the photos!  Earlier in the term Year 2 made Beetroot Soup which they also enjoyed.


Year 1 and 2 Visit to the Iver Environmental Centre


On Tuesday this week, pupils in Years 1 and 2 had a marvellous day out of school visiting the Environmental Centre in Iver.  

In year 1 pupils had great fun pond dipping and looking intently to see what they had found before returning it all back into the water. They also spent part of their morning on a mini-beast hunt, which caused great excitement. In the afternoon they had a fun session using natural resources to make bug hotels which is always a very popular activity.

Year 2 pupils had a different itinerary for their day at Iver.  Taking the theme ‘Seed to Supermaket’ they explored how seeds, fruits and animal foods make their journey to the supermarkets and ultimately onto our plates. In the afternoon they took part in milling grains into flour and churning creamy milk into butter.  It was then very exciting when they were then able to taste their butter on crackers.


Year 1 History Lesson

Year 1 enjoyed learning about our school in the past and had fun dressing up like children in the olden days.


Harvest Festival

We had a wonderful Harvest Festival with the children singing with joy and reciting poetry so clearly. Parents and staff were very generous and donated tins of food, which was delivered to SHOCK our local charity for the homeless in Slough. Thank you.



School Council Assembly

Every child in year 2 has a role of responsibility. We now have three senior members of the School Council who lead assemblies on how to make our school even better, members of the ECO team who lead assemblies on how to look after our environment and playground monitors who look after children on the playground to help give them a safe and happy playtime.


Bring Your Teddy to School Day!

Children brought in their teddies to school and gave a donation to Disasters Emergency Committee raising £334 for those affected by the terrible floods in Pakistan.


The Tiger Who Came to Tea

The whole school had an amazing trip to the theatre to see ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’, a big thank you to the Friends of Fulmer who funded the trip.


Reception Assembly

Reception class performed their first assembly and it was a triumph. Every word was heard, the songs were sung with joy and the actions to the songs were delightful!


Eco Assembly

Two members of the ECO team in Year 2 led an assembly on how we should all save water.


Jewish Assembly

A big thank you to Mrs Gray, a Year 2 parent, for talking to the children about her Jewish faith. The children listened with interest and asked sensible questions. The artefacts are now on display in the library replacing the Hindu display for all the children to enjoy.


MIND Assembly

During Mental Health Awareness week our representative from MIND led another assembly reminding the children to talk to an adult if they have sad feelings so that the little feelings do not grow and become overwhelming.


Celebrating Father's Day

This morning we have enjoyed wonderful celebrations at the start of the day wishing a very Happy Father’s Day to many of the Dads and Grandads in our school community.  What a truly fabulous turn out of Dads and Grandads and what a wonderful concert!  The children, as ever, sang with joy and well done to Reception for singing your song twice, well worth a second go! Thank you to the staff for preparing the children so well and we wish you all a great day on Sunday.


Sports Day

For three years now we haven’t been able to have our annual sports’ day on the Fulmer Rec so this week it was so wonderful to be back to normal. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and participated with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship.  It was also such fun to see parents and younger siblings join in readily with their races too.


Congratulations Your Majesty!

In school we have all enjoyed a wonderful time celebrating and honouring the Queen’s amazing 70 years on the throne. We celebrated with Jubilee mufti day and a delicious picnic lunch outside where we could all eat together. Later in the afternoon we planted a beautiful new tree on the front lawn as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy project and all pupils were presented with a souvenir Jubilee medal at home time. A truly spectacular day!


Year 1 trip to Windsor Castle

Windsor castle is a spectacular royal residence and the Queen spends much of the year there in her private apartments.  She was resident at the time of our visit and her royal standard could be seen flying from the keep – sadly though we didn’t get to see her. Year 1 had a wonderful day exploring Windsor Castle and learning about it's history. 


Sports Fun For Year 2

Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful day at The Misbourne School in Great Missenden, participating in a challenging range of sporting activities alongside with Year 2 pupils from 5 other local schools. The activities and games are all well planned by the GCSE students and all the children had a lot of fun.


Easter Hat Parade

Parents with children in year 1 and year 2 were treated to an amazing 'Easter Hat' parade. Children displayed beautiful hat creations on a Spring and Easter theme. We were so amazed at the incredibly high standard of hats and how colourful they were.


Friends of Fulmer - Sponsored walk

Many Fulmer families gathered together at Black Park for a sponsored walk and picnic afterwards.The weather was kind as we ambled around the lake and all the children looked magnificent dressed up as ‘Superheroes’.  It was also really lovely to see quite a few ex-pupils doing the walk as well.


Ramadan Assembly

On Monday 28th March we were delighted to welcome two Reception Class parents, via Zoom, to lead a special assembly on Ramadan.  We have several Muslim children in each class and so it was wonderful for us all to learn so much about this special celebration.  Children were asked to think of 10 good deeds to do during the Ramadan period and raise funds for Friends of Fulmer.  Thank you so much to both Mrs Malik and Mrs Haque for this very enlightening assembly and for the children’s sweets.


Pollination Assembly

On Wednesday 30th March we welcomed Cathy Simpson from the Iver Environmental Centre to our school to talk to the children all about the importance of bees and pollination.  It was a very exciting assembly with lots of visual resources for the children to enjoy and we appreciated Buddy in Year R being willing to dress up as a bee and crawl into a flower to fetch the nectar!  A lot of wonderful learning took place in a really fun way!


Ukrainian Refugees

Thank you to everyone for the amazing response for donations for the Ukainian Refugees, you have raised over £300! We are sending the cheque to DEC who will ensure that the money is well spent.


Caterpillars in Reception

Reception children had great fun leaning about the life cycle of a butterfly.




School of Character Kitemark

We are very thrilled and very proud to say that, following a comprehensive inspection we have ‘met the exacting standards required to be awarded the School of Character’ Kitemark.’ This is a very prestigious award which recognises that we teach the children sound values which enable them to make good choices. There were rigorous interviews with staff and Governors and two children, Ivie and Eshan from Year 2, were splendid ambassadors for our school. The report is very glowing and here is an excerpt: ‘The two pupils who showed me around the school were confident and well-informed regarding the values which the school reinforce at every turn. It is also clear that learning experiences at the school afford them the ability to grow and develop in a nurturing environment, which does not shy away from providing both challenge and personal care in equal measure.’


Stranger Danger Assembly

PC Dobbins led an assembly on Stranger Danger, Road Safety, Internet Safety and how to keep yourself safe riding a bicycle and what videos you can and cannot watch. He was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and with the children’s very sensible questions.


Wellbeing Wednesday

This week we have been focusing on talking to the children about their feelings and well being. We have launched 'Wellbeing Wednesday' to get the children to identify and deal with their feelings.